• Uses

    Seaweed benefits humanity in numerous ways.

  • Fishery

    Seaweed is a traditional fishery in many cultures.

  • Sustainability

    The traditions of sustainability create jobs and apprenticeships.

  • Research

    Not everything is known. Stay open to the Mystery of it all.

This is what I know: acid rain is leaching the trace minerals out of the soil and washing the nutrients downstream to the ocean. The seaweeds capture them. And I? I go about in my little boat, harvesting them, drying them, and sending these nutrients back upstream… upstream, from earth's ocean bloodstream back into humanity's salty bloodstream, by way of amending the soil, by way of fertilizing the plants in the garden, feeding the animals on the farm, and by supplying nourishing food for the table… food that is nutrient-dense, like wild herbs from the sea. This is good work, modestly scaled. I'm happy with my life, and I gladly share it with my apprentices and my customers.

— Larch Hanson, a sustainable seaweed harvester for the past 40 years, and a member of Maine Seaweed Council

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